5 Big Advantages of Installing PIR Insulation Boards in New Zealand

With New Zealand’s weather, it’s important to get the most benefit out of the insulation panel that you choose. Reasons like this are why you should choose to install PIR insulation boards. At Conqueror NZ, we know the major advantages of this locally made material.

Installing insulation boards for roofs, walls and floors in New Zealand is an important factor in the construction of any building.

Advantages of installing PIR insulation Boards

A Board to Suit Every Building Specification

Our Conqueror PIR boards give you a range of sheet size options. First, choose between glass fabric skin and aluminium foil skin.

The available sheet sizes are as follows:

  • 50mm thick x 1,200mm wide x up to 5,500mm long
  • 75mm thick x 1,200mm wide x up to 5,500mm long
  • 100mm thick x 1,000mm wide x up to 5,500mm long
  • Standard 2,400mm long sheets are available.

Multiple Insulation Properties

PIR Insulation Boards maintain their insulation properties throughout the lifetime of the product.

By thickness, PIR Panels have the most efficient R-rating of any insulation panel in the country, meaning you can get better heat efficiency for less material used. For you, this means that the amazing thermal performance cuts down on costs both during construction and energy used heating the house throughout its lifetime.

Energy Saving Properties

As we just mentioned, the excellent thermal efficiency of PIR insulation boards lends itself to increased energy efficiency. The better your insulation works, the less money you’ll be spending on heating and cooling costs and the less energy you’ll be wasting.

You’ll save plenty of energy and limit the number of precious fossil fuels that are being emitted into the environment.

A Range of Applications for PIR Panels

No matter what building requirements you have, we can provide you with the PIR panels to suit your needs. There is a range of board options available that can suit everything from pitched and flat roofs to walls and floors and even specific products for internal and external solid walls.

Great for Designers and Architects

Our PIR insulation boards meet and exceed the requirements of the NZ Building Council in terms of health and safety. In brief, they are great for any design and building need.

Each of the PIR boards is manufactured with a superb finish, incredible flatness, and robust joins. Finally, a hidden fastening system conceals all fixings, protecting them from abrasion. The unique jointing system also makes everything easy to install and maintain.

Contact Conqueror Panels for more information about our boards. We can provide boards for the floor, roof or walls of any building – commercial, industrial or residential. Call us for a quote or for installation today.

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