5 Uses for Insulated Panels and Panel Systems

When it comes to home insulation, New Zealanders are making the right choice. Our foam core, fire rated PIR panels can be used in all areas polystyrene panels are used, including internal wall panels, external wall panels and insulated roof panels. One major advantage PIR panels are their fire-rated cores. These panels are actually self-extinguishing and they have exceeded standards in a range of test environments. Want to learn more about the benefits and uses of PIR panel products? Read on to learn more.

1. Cost Effective in Any Environment

At Conqueror Panels, we understand that the budget can only stretch so far. You can rest assured that all of our PIR panel products are designed with cost in mind. Our insulated panels have outstanding spanning capabilities and are self-supporting. This makes our panels suitable for load bearing and non-load bearing applications.

2. Safety Tested for Home or Work

Our extensive range of PIR panel products meet New Zealand’s stringent standards set by the Building Code and global insurers. Each PIR panel has undergone extensive testing to meet strict safety standards, meaning you and your family’s safety is ensured. Our PIR panel products also meet New Zealand’s fire rating requirements. This greatly increases their variety of uses, making them suitable for commercial and residential environments.

3. Energy Efficient for the Bottom Line

The energy efficient qualities of insulated panels are well known. Once installed in your property, you will experience ongoing energy savings. The outstanding quality of PIR panel products equates to lower heating, refrigeration and air conditioning costs. This makes insulation panels especially important for properties that are watching their bottom line.

If you run a business like a warehouse or a large office, insulation panels are perfect. You will really see the difference in high-energy homes, as well as any environment that needs to maintain a certain temperature – hot or cold.

4. Resistant Qualities

Every one of our PIR panel products is designed with low maintenance and durability in mind. Their structural integrity ensures that you will never need to use any treatments or finishes to protect the panels from insects or moisture.

Once again, this makes these panels perfect for budget-conscious environments, but also if you have concerns about insects or water around your building.

5. Environmentally Friendly

At Conqueror Panels, we are proud to say that our insulation panels are environmentally friendly, as they contain no harmful CFCs or HCFCs. When independently rated, all of our PIR insulated panel products received an “A” rating, for minimal environmental impact. In addition, PIR panels do not emit noxious gases or harmful gases, are safe to handle, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Whether you want to meet industry standards for eco-friendly policies or just play your part for the environment, these panels are ideal.

When planning your next design or renovation project, contact the talented team at Conqueror Panels. Whether you need insulated wall panels, external or internal wall panels or insulated roof panels, we have the solution to suit your needs and budget.

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