5 Ways to Keep Your Warehouse Cool in Summer and Warm in Winter

While we can’t see or touch it, the quality of the airflow within our warehouses can increase or decrease employee productivity. In most warehouses, typical HVAC systems circulate layers of cool and hot air by blowing cool air to specific areas and sucking warm air out through overhead vents. This results in inconsistent temperatures throughout the whole warehouse.

For more effective ways to keep your warehouse cool in summer and warm in winter, read our five quick tips

1. Use Passive Design

A warehouse that takes advantage of your local climate will be a more comfortable space. Use ambient energy sources like daylight and ventilation to regulate the temperature of your warehouse. As well as increasing your overall comfort, passive design can reduce your reliance of heating and cooling. This can save you up to 40 percent on your electricity, which is excellent for your bottom line

2. Open Doors and Windows

Sometimes the most obvious strategies are also the most effective. You can increase comfort in your warehouse by opening the doors and windows. This will instantly improve airflow, creating a cooler environment in summer. It’s the easy way to drive hot air out and invite fresh air in, without the extra expense. Similarly, by opening high windows or roof vents, you’re pushing the hot air out, which makes room for incoming cool air.

Of course, the opposite applies for winter. You not only need to make sure that your windows are doors are closed, but also that they are properly sealed. Combine this with effective insulation and you should be able to keep the cold weather away.

3. Invest in Dehumidifiers

A lot of the heat in your building will come from the moisture in the air. This increases the humidity of your space, creating an even more uncomfortable environment. Dehumidifiers extract moisture from the air, creating a strong cooling effect.

4. Get Some Great Gear

In a warehouse environment, safety is paramount. That’s why the teams are always wearing gloves, hard hats and other protective equipment. To keep warm in winter, you could complement your safety gear with insulated beanies, heavy jackets and even thermal underwear. As long as it doesn’t interfere with your safety gear, this should be an easy way to keep warm.

Equally, make sure you wear breathable, light clothing under your safety gear in summer. Clothing that absorbs sweat is also useful for increased comfort.

5. Insulate Properly

Perhaps the most important step for both summer and winter, you can’t go past effective insulation. By insulating every inch of your warehouse properly, you’ll promote a more comfortable environment all year around. A properly insulated warehouse will feature PIR insulated wall panels, insulated roof panels, internal ceiling panels and cool store panels.

Those are just five great ways to make your warehouse more comfortable. If you can think of more, feel free to leave them in the comments below. To keep your warehouse feel fantastic at any temperature, call Conqueror Panels today. We’ll supply New Zealand’s best insulation for all your commercial needs.

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