7 Benefits of Installing Eco-Friendly PIR Panels

Polyisocyanurate, also known as PIR, is a thermostatic plastic used as building insulation. While PIR is great for construction, it hasn’t always been good for the environment. Conqueror New Zealand decided to fix this. After plenty of research, we developed a new, more environmentally friendly, PIR panel. This industry-leading development has produced several other benefits.

 1. Environmentally Friendly

All of our panels have an A+ rating for low environmental impact. Polystyrene and other alternatives to PIR still have serious environmentally harmful effects. We’ve made sure that our panels no longer have these effects. This means in how they’re produced, installed and disposed of. The higher insulation rating of PIR also means less energy spent on climate control in buildings. Overall, PIR panels reduce carbon dioxide emissions and help to save fossil fuels. They do all that without emitting noxious gases into the atmosphere.

2. Moisture Resistant

Insulation should be picked with water absorption in mind. Conqueror’s PIR uses a hydrophobic closed cell structure. This means they don’t absorb water. This means that no matter the weather, Conqueror PIR stays intact.

3. Superior Strength

One key trait that sets PIR panel apart is its sheer strength and durability. PIR is the strongest insulation panel on the market. It can stand up to any challenge, whether it’s foot traffic or load. This strength is complemented by its low weight. It ensures easy handling, transportation, and installation.

4. Faster Construction

Faster construction time is a key benefit of Conqueror PIR panel. Our unique building system allows for up to 30% faster construction. This means a greatly reduced construction bill and faster access to your building.

5. Minimal Waste

Conqueror can make PIR panels to order. This means easier construction, especially on large projects. Faster onto your site, and a faster install. These design elements are all incorporated into the manufacturing process. This means much less excess waste.

6. Greater Air Quality

We manufacture our panels between layers of aluminium. This increases the air quality of the insulation. This is so you’re breathing clean, healthy air.

7. Made for Your Needs

Conqueror panels don’t just stop at energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. They are also perfect for a wide range of applications. These include both residential and commercial applications. Including food preparation areas, warehouses, cleaning rooms and more.

Whatever your next building project is, make Conqueror Panels your first choice. Our talented team will supply panel products of the highest quality. As New Zealand’s leading panel manufacturer, all of our products are high quality and environmentally friendly. To get superior insulation panels installed in your building, contact our team today.

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