What makes PIR Insulated exterior wall panels first choice for fire resistant?

PIR Insulated Exterior Wall Panels – the First Choice for Fire Resistance

Choosing materials to build with is usually half the battle. You need to do your research and determine what the most cost-effective, efficient, safe, and an ecologically-friendly option is.

Insulated exterior wall panels, how do you make the choice?

At Conqueror Panels, we believe that one of the most important things to take a look at is fire resistance. That’s why we just not manufacture and supply but we also install and maintain all types of PIR panels.

Fire Resistance for Ultimate Safety

In the case of a fire, you won’t have to worry about PIR insulation panels. In fact, unlike its counterparts such as EPS, PIR will self-extinguish as soon as the cause of the fire is removed. Also unlike EPS, PIR is capable of exceeding many fire tests. In fact, Conqueror PIR panels have passed the AS1366.2 Fire Test for both industrial and domestic sectors.

How Else is PIR Safe?

PIR insulated exterior wall panels are incredibly durable for a range of elements, not just fire.

As an exterior form of insulation, you don’t have to worry about PIR caving to pressures from New Zealand’s rains and wet seasons. The rigid board is both rot proof and durable. The closed cell structure of the core does not allow water to be absorbed, so you never have to worry about water compromising your building.

PIR insulated interior wall panels are also incredibly strong. While the sheets can be as thin as 50mm, they still maintain a structural integrity. They boast a high seismic performance and the ability to withstand a lot of pressure.

No Fear of Overheating

The thermal effectiveness of PIR insulation panels is incredible. Not only is the danger of fire reduced, so is the chance of overheating.

These panels have thermal resistance properties so they will not overheat even under direct hits from the sun’s harsh rays. The panels will protect you and your home from becoming too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter. This could save you thousands in energy costs that would be used to heat and cool your home, office or industrial space.

Why Else Should You Build with PIR?

Builders will love the pre-finished panels that are supplied to size and require no extra finishing and no special tools. There is also a unique jointing system that is simple to install, yet still rigid and weather tight. And the best part is that you get access to full manufacturer support and training.

Staying safe in a fire is about more than knowing when to run away from one.

It’s about preparing and choosing safe materials to build with. For more information about fire resistant PIR insulation exterior wall panels, please don’t hesitate to contact Conqueror PIR Panels in New Zealand.

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