New Zealand Building Trends – Building Your Future

It’s no secret that technology is fast taking over our lives and making them more enjoyable. Some of the best examples of this are the innovative ways homes and commercial buildings are constructed. Investment in new building technology, such as double glazing, insulation, solar panels and passive building techniques are creating warmer, smarter homes and buildings.

Here are some of the leading trends in the New Zealand housing market.

Broken Plan Living

Spilt-level interiors help to create definition in different areas of an open-plan home. This trend is largely used to create dedicated kids’ areas or stylish home offices. Another popular broken plan living trend is a mezzanine area in which kids’ bedrooms are grouped around a central play zone.

Passive Building

Passive building is a trend that’s sweeping not only New Zealand but the whole world. Passively built homes and commercial buildings consume less energy to heat and cool their space. This method relies on a living space being airtight, so it consumes up to 80 percent less energy than a typical household.


The most popular and economical prefabricated panels are precast concrete and composite panels with a sandwiched insulated core. Using prefabricated panels speeds up the building process and keeps costs down. It is also an eco-friendly alternative, which minimises waste and reduces site deliveries.

Compact Living

While household sizes have decreased, New Zealand homes have become steadily larger over the last 50 years. However, to accommodate a growing population and deal with rising land costs, homes are now becoming much smaller. While a compact house may sound cramped, a smaller home has many benefits. These include greater energy efficiency, easier maintenance, cheaper overall costs, and increased family interaction.

Built to Last

With earthquake proofing at the top of priority list for many owners, builders are designing spaces which are resilient to natural disasters. These purpose built structures are designed to reduce the time and cost of repairs after an extreme weather event, like a cyclone or flood. A key design component in these homes is quality insulation using PIR panel products.

If you want to capitalise on these trends, call or email the experienced team at Conqueror Panels today. We will be more than happy to design or source the ideal insulated panel solution for your home or building. Whether you need internal or external wall panels, internal ceiling panels or insulated roof panels, we have it all.

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