PIR Panel Construction Popularity Booms

A groundswell of interest is being noted in Conquerorís PIR panels.

Daily inquiries are now the norm, with an increasing interest being shown by architects and specifiers in both the PIR roof and wall panels, says Conqueror’s national sales and marketing manager Brian Hill.

“This is exciting and it’s great to see the variation of inquiry, from the smallest jobs involving fencing to the largest, including hangers, abattoirs, factories, office buildings, vineyards and more particularly, of late, for modern energy- efficient homes,” he says.

“People are becoming more aware of the brand and like the fact it is a New Zealand-made alternative to other brands on the market.”

“They like the fact it doesn’t have to be imported, that we have much quicker lead times and include, as standard, so many superior features,” Brian says.

Conqueror’s PIR panels are NZ made with an available length of up to 24 metres, thus minimising roof and wall joins.

[/vc_column_text][us_testimonial style=”2″ author=”” company=””]“It’s little wonder we are attracting such high interest given the product’s superior spanning ability, coupled with the resultant savings.”[/us_testimonial]

“We have just confirmed a small order for a fencing project with 360 metres of our panel; such is the variety of demand. The product in this application looks good, yet it can also sustain very high winds which really makes specifying Conqueror product a simple task,” Brian says.

A couple of the recently completed jobs featuring Conqueror’s PIR roof and wall panelling include Waitakiri School in Christchurch and Air New Zealand’s new hanger and training facility, located at Christchurch’s busy International Airport.

Architects are increasingly specifying the Conqueror roofing product, which Brian believes has been helped by the Conqueror patented lap joining (clip-lock) system. The Conqueror patented roof panel clipping system removes the need for labour intensive, hand-applied longitudinal joint sealants.

There is also no need to close-stitch the panel lap at 300 centres with normal roof fixings, as is the case with competitive imported product.

“Not needing to do this, we are informed by the most experienced roofers, saves up to a significant $8.00 per square metre,” Brian says.

Why Conquerorís PIR board is increasingly being seen as a product of high repute:

  • Conqueror’s PIR product is set for the future, positioned to meet future building regulations and other carbon reduction programmes
  • PIR provides the “green heart” to Conqueror’s panels and boards as it is devoid of harmful substances or ozone depleting gases
  • The PIR core’s insulation properties typically outperform similar products by more than 50 per cent
  • PIR roof, wall and ceiling panels are also praised for their inherent structural strength, speed of application, durability and ease of use
  • PIR board is increasingly being used as an insulating core on the floor of buildings. It is used as an insulation layer between layers of concrete, or with alloy foil cladding, or glued to existing concrete walls in older buildings to hinder heat drain
  • Conqueror offers optional PIR board cladding with alloy foil or Kraft paper in thickness’s from 50mm, widths up to 1200mm and lengths to suit, available throughout NZ
  • PIR wall insulation is now mandatory in all UK homes’ building projects as the standard and specified insulation.
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