Conqueror Insulation Board is your best choice

For exceptional thermal performance, Conqueror PIR Insulation board delivers the highest thermal performance allowing homes and buildings to achieve premium levels of energy efficiency and with some of the thinnest possible solutions – for achieved R Rating.


With Conqueror PIR Insulation board you get:


  • PIR insulation delivers an exceptional thermal performance which is over 100% more thermally efficient than many mineral fibre products.
  • A range of board options suitable for pitched and flat roofs, walls, and floors including specific products for internal and external solid walls.
  • Local manufacture.
  • Fast supply.


R Values & Sheet Sizes (Maximum Size)


  • 40mm:       R1.95       1200mm wide x up to 6000mm long
  • 50mm:       R2.43       1200mm wide x up to 6000mm long
  • 60mm:       R2.92       1200mm wide x up to 6000mm long
  • 70mm:       R3.41       1200mm wide x up to 6000mm long
  • 75mm:       R3.65       1200mm wide x up to 6000mm long
  • 80mm:       R3.90       1200mm wide x up to 6000mm long
  • 90mm:       R4.38       1200mm wide x up to 6000mm long
  • 100mm:     R4.87       1200mm wide x up to 6000mm long
  • 140mm:     R6.82       1200mm wide x up to 6000mm long


Skin Options


  • Fibreglass Aluminium
  • Embossed Foil
  • Glass Fabric

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