Insulated Cool Store Panels



Available in sizes up to 24m long



Available in sizes up to 24m long

Insulated cool store panels are an essential insulation solution for cold store operators. If you need top quality insulation like chiller panels or freezer panels for your premises we have exactly what you want. Our range is suitable for sensitive materials or large retail areas.


Our top of the line, New Zealand made insulated cold store panels offer a complete range of solutions for your cold storage and refrigeration needs.


Our insulated panels range includes:


  • Superior design for perfect interlocking
  • High-value performance with excellent options for specific roles
  • Very easy to install
  • Very low contraction and expansion for better insulation integrity
  • Measured to deliver up to 50% energy cost savings


Our panels are purpose-built and manufactured to the highest standards to ensure reliable performance in any cold store environment. These panels are designed to last for years with minimal maintenance.


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