PIR Roof Panels

PIR roof panels are high performance, all-weather roofing options, designed for New Zealand’s climate and temperature ranges. PIR insulated roof panels are suitable for both residential and commercial premises.


Our roof panels range includes:


  • Superior quality and performance
  • Complete range of roofing colours
  • Lengths up to 24m long, delivered
  • Hidden fasteners
  • Excellent performance with minimal expansion and contraction
  • Simple installation – quick to install to reduce construction times.
  • Measured to deliver up to 50% energy cost savings
  • Insurer-approved construction


Our insulated roof panels deliver top quality insulation for a wide range of different types of premises. These very durable, long lasting roofing solutions are ideal for urban, rural commercial, and industrial insulation needs.


Need Some Help with Selecting Your Roof Panels?


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