Thermal Insulation – The Bones of a Strong Building

Warehouse owners deal with problems every day, like building temperature regulation. Keeping structures cool in summer and hot in winter is an expensive job. The right thermal insulation makes maintaining the internal temperature of a building far easier. It’s no secret that regulating the temperature of big buildings is difficult. This means a bigger carbon footprint, wasted money and increased dependence on energy suppliers.

There is a simple fix, PIR Panels. They’re the affordable, durable and safe solution. PIR Panels offer a combined solution to easily installing walls and their insulation at the same time.

The Importance of Thermal InsulationIllustration of how conduction works without thermal insulation

Heat passes through walls, roofs and other solids through the process of conduction. The easier it is for this transfer to happen, the harder temperature regulating systems have to work. This means more energy use and higher bills.

PIR foam lessens the rate of conduction by slowing the transfer of heat. This is because PIR is made up of millions of air cells instead of a solid block. This means the heat also spreads more evenly, making a more comfortable environment.

Characteristics of Thermal Insulation

New Zealanders have a range of options when it comes to insulation, but some options perform better than others. Common products include fibre, plant and animal-based products. The issue is, all of these options have setbacks.

When it comes to insulating your building, there is really only one option, PIR. PIR  insulation offers outstanding thermal performance. Whatever the need, there are PIR Panels suited to the job.
Options include:


The Secret to Long Life – Durability

What’s important for any building material? Durability.
When looking for durable insulation, there are a few things to consider.

Moisture resistance

Exposure to it can damage insulation.

  • This affects both performance and longevity.
  • Insulation with hydrophobic qualities saves costs down the track.


Stronger products can take more of a beating. Construction is a rough process, imagine panels getting damaged before they’re even installed. On top of that, life is uncertain. Not worrying about the building around you breaking means peace of mind.

Fire resistance

Any business owner worries about things out of their control going wrong. Industrial fires can cost millions of dollars and destroy businesses. The solution? A building material that extinguishes itself instead of spreading the fire. PIR does not burn, it only smoulders. This makes it a vital addition to any structure.

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