Benefits of Cold Storage Panels for Your Food Environment

Every business has different building requirements. When it comes to fields like those working with food, we know that reliable temperature control is vital.
Food and wine are two basic things that need to be stored at certain temperatures. To get this right, fridges or cellars simply aren’t enough. You need specialised storage spaces with cold storage panels as a failsafe. Keeping this in mind; here are the top five benefits of cold storage panels for your food environment

PIR Cold Storage Panels bring you and your business many benefits

  1. Excellent Insulation Properties

When it comes to cold storage panels, you want to make sure that the insulation properties are up to scratch. PIR cold storage panels are made from a fully formed cell structure that allows for superb thermal performance with the thinnest possible available solutions – meaning more cold space for you, that’ll last longer.

  1. Save Money on Temperature Costs

When it comes to controlling the temperature of a room, you can bet that a lot of money will be spent on cooling costs. However, you can lower those costs drastically by choosing to install cold storage panels in places like your food storage unit or winery.
PIR Panels have insulating properties meaning that the efficiency of the temperature retention is miles ahead of what it would be without them. This saves you thousands in the long run in terms of both energy cost and product lost to incorrect temperatures. In fact, these panels are so energy efficient that they can reduce your operating costs by 50%.

  1. A Variety of Cold Room Options

No two storage spaces are the same, so neither are our cold store panel solutions. There is a range of options to choose from when it comes to cold store panels. We can cater to a range of custom sizes and thicknesses to suit anything from blast freezers to walk in freezers to other cold store facilities. Whatever your need, we have the means to meet it.

  1. Temperature Control and Efficiency

One of the most important benefits of our cool room panels is passive temperature control. This is the most best way to promote a more stable environment.
Passive temperature control allows for extra efficiency in a range of situations, for example, things like walk-in freezers for warehouses. You can also feel comfortable using these panels in food processing areas – their paint and steel finishes are made with superior hygiene in mind.

  1. Safety and Peace of Mind for You

Not only are our cold room panels very hygienic, they also allow for superior safety. Their low allergenic qualities and enhanced seismic performance will protect you while you’re at work.
In addition, they have a high fire rating that allows them to be self-extinguishing, and they even possess a lifetime performance with no signs of deterioration of air-tightness or insulation values.

Choose Conqueror Panel’s PIR cold storage insulated panels for your business.

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