What you don’t know about cool store panels

Do you have a business that requires controlled environments? If so, you may not be aware of a great solution to help keep your rooms or units at the temperature that you need. PIR Cool Store Panels are a cost-effective, efficient solution for businesses across many industries. 

Cool Store Panels are perfect for New Zealand businesses of any size with chiller requirements, such as supermarkets, restaurants, food storage units, bottle shops and many others.

One Solution – PIR Cool Store Panels

The best thing about our cool store panels is the core material that we use to produce them. Our PIR is made in New Zealand and comes in lengths as long as 24 metres and widths up to a metre.  This means we can run the length that you need, with minimal waste.

Benefits of using Cool Store or Freezer Panels

A Range of Thicknesses

We can create cool store panels that are lightweight and incredibly effective in a range of thicknesses. From 50mm to 75mm and 100mm thick. The PIR filling of the panels means that they perform as well as, if not better than, a thicker panel made from different materials.

Less Material, Greater Benefits

Our cool store panels are incredibly lightweight but they are made with incredible structural quality. This allows for large spanning capabilities and reduces the need for secondary steelwork. You also can look forward to high bracing capacity and minimal contraction or expansion with any temperature change.

Easy to Build with

Our panels are supplied to size and don’t require any extra finishing. They are made with a unique joining system that is incredibly simple to install, despite rigidity and weather tightness. Since PIR is made here in New Zealand, you can also get full manufacturer support and training.

Designed to Match Your Business

Conqueror cool store panels provide many design advantages for your business. For example, they are compliant with all building codes and they are finished with fantastic flatness and consistent joins. You can choose between many specialist palettes and finishes, as well.

Great Moisture Resistance

The last thing that you want in a cool room is for moisture to affect the panels. If that moisture manages to enter your cool room, it could compromise your entire stock.

PIR is a closed cell structure, which means that it doesn’t allow moisture to permeate. You can maintain peak thermal performance and integrity no matter how much water exposure you get.
There are many more features that you can benefit from when using our cool store panels. Please contact us today for a quote.

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