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Why PIR?

PIR (Polyisocyanurate) is a closed cell rigid polyurethane foam made by mixing two main chemical streams (isocyanate and polyol) with appropriate catalysts and a blowing agent. The mixture undergoes a number of processes including foaming and expansion, heating, curing, trimming and cutting followed by quality control to produce the panel as you know it. These processes produce a cross-linked and closed cell structure, which contributes to the rigidity, stability, compressive strength and insulation properties of the panel, by reducing heat transfer through convection.


PIR has superb thermal performance and allows buildings to achieve premium levels of energy efficiency, with some of the thinnest available solutions. It does not sag or absorb moisture so you can be confident of consistent performance which will last the lifetime of the building. Due to its closed cell structure, PIR is a hydrophobic product meaning it does not absorb water. This allows thermal performance to be retained regardless of water exposure. PIR is a thermoset material which does not melt, flow or drip when exposed to fire. It will form a strong char that helps protect the foam core and prevent flame spread.


Our current range of PIR products include:

Insulated Panels

Insulated Wall Panels

Insulated Roof Panels

Insulated Ceiling Panels

Cool Store Panels

Sandwich Panels

What Defines Us


Conqueror NZ is New Zealand’s only manufacturer of PIR foam core panel products. We can manufacture a diverse range of panel products from a single production line, making it one of the most adaptable plants of its type anywhere in the world. This facility also has the unique ability to manufacture panels in lengths of up to 24m, enabling significantly more flexibility in building design.


That’s what makes Conqueror special. It’s not a company that uses cost cutting to get the cheapest products onto the market. We achieve a great pricing structure by investing in the right people and the very best equipment to maximise production efficiency. This approach results in the manufacturing precision that we demand to deliver the very best products to customers.


Need Some Expert Help with Your Insulation?


Conqueror provides technical advisory services to help our clients determine their individual insulation requirements for their unique application. If you’d like to ask us about insulation issues, managing onsite needs, or for help with engineering needs, just give us a call.

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